Scale starting at 60,000 TPS

By implementing dynamic zkSharding, =nil; enables secure parallel execution of transactions across shards operating independently.

As the number of these dedicated shards grows, so does the maximum Ethereum throughput, linearly.

More than just another zkRollup

zkSharding facilitates scalable transaction processing and data availability, all without fragmenting liquidity or economic security.


Secure by design, safe in fact

With great scale comes great responsibility, and =nil; offers an unparalleled security setup, ensuring safety remains at the forefront to match this commitment.

zkLLVM-secured zkEVM

Circuits, compiled automatically from C++, adhere to the precise implementation of Ethereum production-used evmone. This enables our zkEVM1 auditability and eliminates human errors in circuits.

Secured by restaking

Utilizing Ethereum staking pool’s (e.g. Lido)  and applications’ TVL, we've established robust economic liveness security. This guarantees protocol state liveness and fortifies the safety of the underlying liquidity.

Decentralized from day 1

From its launch, =nil; will be decentralized to ensure censorship resistance. As the number of nodes involved increases, Ethereum's maximal throughput scales linearly.

Cherries on top of the scale

Scale alone doesn't define our vision, which aims to redefine application experiences, ensuring unparalleled capabilities to truly elevate Ethereum's potential.

Full composability at zero cost

As all shards form integral parts of a singular execution layer, applications on =nil; will benefit from complete composability, free of security compromises or additional zkBridges fees.

Transparent in-EVM data access

A shard within =nil; operates as an Ethereum full node, granting applications trustless read access to all in-EVM data — all at no charge and without the need for migration.

Breaking modularity’s drawbacks

With full in-EVM data access and unified liquidity, zkSharding enhances Ethereum capabilities, contrasting the fragmented liquidity and siloed environments caused by modular zkRollups.

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About us

=nil; Foundation is a leading developer of zero-knowledge infrastructure and Ethereum scalability solutions.