=nil; Foundation
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=nil; Foundation was established in April of 2018 to facilitate and support research and development in database management systems and applied cryptography.

With it's internal teams =nil; Foundation intends to create a tightly integrated set of technologies becoming a basis for secure data storages operating in insecure environments.

Projects We Supported

=nil; Database Management System

Database Management System providing a fault-tolerant replication mechanism for newly created databases and handling different kinds of fault-tolerant replication protocols for existing ones. Puts replication protocol to the database level, introduces swappable query languages and sub-clustering.


Solana claims to provide a performance-oriented cluster with a Berkley Packet Filter-based virtualization mechanism. =nil; Foundation's Crypto3 team has facilitated Solana cluster with the in-EVM "Light Client" state verification mechanism to pave the way to the trustless zero-knowledge proof-based bridge.

Mina Protocol

Mina is building a gateway between the real world and crypto — and the infrastructure for the secure, democratic future we all deserve. By design, the entire Mina database is possible to be packed into a Pickles SNARK proof, which size is about 22kb – literally the size of a couple of tweets. So participants can quickly sync and verify the whole state. =nil; Foundation's Crypto3 team has facilitated Mina Protocol with the in-EVM Pickles SNARK proof verification mechanism paving the way to the bridge with Ethereum.


Filecoin is a descentralized storage network, incentivized with crypto-token and based ontop of IPFS storage protocol. =nil; Foundation's internal =nil; Crypto3 team has designed and developed a special version of Filecoin prover, which is the up to 4x times more performant and less hardware-demanding Filecoin prover alternative increasing mining profitability.


Chia Network

Chia Network claims to be providing the first alternative to traditional Nakamoto consensus. With participating and winning VDF and ProofOfSpace contests with its' =nil; Crypto3 team, =nil; Foundation resulted in providing the most performant plottng implementation, helping to develop the protocol.

=nil; Crypto3 Cryptography Suite

Modern cryptography suite implemented in C++. Statically typed, C++14, stack-only. Includes permutative, public key, zero-knowledge cryptograhy along with verifiable delay functions, threshold schemes and cryptographic accumulators.