Experience the zkLLVM circuit compiler

Tap into the potential of a tool that simplifies proving application code to Ethereum.

Tap into the potential of a tool that simplifies proving application code to Ethereum.

Our compiler automatically transforms mainstream development languages into circuits for efficient proof generation.

Compile circuits from existing code, don't start from scratch
Superior circuit performance with no zkVMs involved
Eliminates the need for custom zero-knowledge DSLs
Effortless ongoing maintenance of circuits
Proves C++, Rust, and other mainstream languages
Speeds up proof generation with hardware acceleration

Accelerating provable computation deployment

zkLLVM streamlines circuit definition for both established and emerging zk use cases, ensuring rapid technology adoption.


Cutting costs and boosting Ethereum transactions


Securing cross-protocol transactions to prevent fraud


Verified in-EVM data and computations over it


Providing transparency to ML models


Proving in-game progress and achievements

Why building zk‑enabled apps

Lower execution costs

Leveraging zero-knowledge technology greatly reduces execution costs for in-EVM and other on-chain L1/L2 operations.

Boost data throughput

Proving computations with zero-knowledge increases protocol capacity and significantly cuts average time required to process an operation. 

Enhance Privacy and Security

Zero-knowledge technology lets applications selectively share data with third parties, ensuring privacy without sacrificing the security and trust of your users.

Full cycle solution for creating zk-enabled Ethereum apps

In tandem with Proof Market, our decentralized marketplace for zkProof generation, zkLLVM provides end-to-end support for your application's lifecycle.

Fast-track proof generation setup

=nil; toolchain establishes quick and robust proof generation pipeline, reducing time to market for zk-enabled apps.

Cost-effective decentralized proof generation

Take advantage of an efficient decentralized proof generation process, reducing each proof's operational costs with zkLLVM circuits.

Incentives for circuit developers

Developers get rewards for adding new circuits that gain demand.

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About us

=nil; Foundation is a leading developer of zero-knowledge infrastructure and Ethereum scalability solutions.