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Ivan Karpeev

03 Oct 2023

Expanding zkLLVM compiler towards accessible zkML

TACEO is aiming to bring zkML-powered large language models (LLMs starting from GPT-2) to Ethereum by extending =nil;’s zkLLVM with ONNX frontend

Alisa Cherniaeva

18 Aug 2023

Placeholder proof system

Modular PLONK with IVC and custom gates designed for in-EVM verification

Ilia Shirobokov

27 Jul 2023

Proof Market EVM Endpoint

Expanding Proof Market capabilities with direct proof ordering for Ethereum applications

Ivan Karpeev

26 Apr 2023

=nil; zkLLVM + Proof Market: Enabling accessible and effective zkProofs for all

= nil; Foundation solutions to streamline zk Proof generation process

Nikita Kaskov and Mikhail Komarov

02 Feb 2023

=nil; zkLLVM Circuit Compiler

Proving computations in mainstream languages with no zkVM's needed

Mikhail Komarov

19 Jan 2023

Bridging Mina to Ethereum via =nil; Proof Market

A road to production

Mikhail Komarov

19 Jan 2023

=nil; Proof Market

Trustlessness (data access, bridges, scaling) needs proofs

Mikhail Komarov

01 Jul 2022

Bridging to StarkNet through =nil; Proof Market

Proving mainstream languages computations to StarkNet via zkLLVM with zkBridging as an example

Mikhail Komarov and Aleksey Sofronov

28 Jun 2022

Bridging Mina with =nil;

How will a Mina Protocol's bridge become bi-directional?

Mikhail Komarov

31 May 2022

=nil; Trustless Data Management

What total trustless data accessibility leads to

Mikhail Komarov

01 Dec 2021

=nil; Database Management System

Data management done right

Mikhail Komarov

25 Oct 2021

=nil; Crypto3 Cryptography Suite

Cryptography Suite for zk-Rollups, zk-Bridges, and much more

Mikhail Komarov, Ilya Shirobokov, and Alisa Cherniaeva

14 Oct 2021

=nil; Foundation's in-EVM Solana Light-Client State Verification

Paving the way to Solana-Ethereum zk-bridge

Mikhail Komarov

29 Sep 2021

=nil; Foundation

What is =nil; Foundation?