Stay in touch with our products development and explore zero‑knowledge technologyStay in touch with our products development and explore zero-knowledge technology

29 Apr 2024

zkSharding for Ethereum

zkSharding is a response to the growing issue of state and liquidity fragmentation in the Ethereum ecosystem. zkSharding enables systems to scale horizontally and maintain universal composability without fragmentation.

Avi Zurlo

22 Feb 2024

Make L2s Scale Again

Ethereum L2s can no longer ignore the severity of state fragmentation. Horizontal scaling is how we'll solve it.

Ivan Karpeev

03 Oct 2023

Expanding zkLLVM compiler towards accessible zkML

TACEO is aiming to bring zkML-powered large language models (LLMs starting from GPT-2) to Ethereum by extending =nil;’s zkLLVM with ONNX frontend

Alisa Cherniaeva

18 Aug 2023

Placeholder proof system

Modular PLONK with IVC and custom gates designed for in-EVM verification

Ilia Shirobokov

27 Jul 2023

Proof Market EVM Endpoint

Expanding Proof Market capabilities with direct proof ordering for Ethereum applications

Ivan Karpeev

26 Apr 2023

=nil; zkLLVM + Proof Market: Enabling accessible and effective zkProofs for all

= nil; Foundation solutions to streamline zk Proof generation process

Nikita Kaskov and Mikhail Komarov

02 Feb 2023

=nil; zkLLVM Circuit Compiler

Proving computations in mainstream languages with no zkVM's needed

Mikhail Komarov

19 Jan 2023

Bridging Mina to Ethereum via =nil; Proof Market

A road to production

Mikhail Komarov

19 Jan 2023

=nil; Proof Market

Trustlessness (data access, bridges, scaling) needs proofs

Mikhail Komarov

01 Jul 2022

Bridging to StarkNet through =nil; Proof Market

Proving mainstream languages computations to StarkNet via zkLLVM with zkBridging as an example

Mikhail Komarov and Aleksey Sofronov

28 Jun 2022

Bridging Mina with =nil;

How will a Mina Protocol's bridge become bi-directional?

Mikhail Komarov

31 May 2022

=nil; Trustless Data Management

What total trustless data accessibility leads to

Mikhail Komarov

01 Dec 2021

=nil; Database Management System

Data management done right

Mikhail Komarov

25 Oct 2021

=nil; Crypto3 Cryptography Suite

Cryptography Suite for zk-Rollups, zk-Bridges, and much more

Mikhail Komarov, Ilya Shirobokov, and Alisa Cherniaeva

14 Oct 2021

=nil; Foundation's in-EVM Solana Light-Client State Verification

Paving the way to Solana-Ethereum zk-bridge

Mikhail Komarov

29 Sep 2021

=nil; Foundation

What is =nil; Foundation?