Meet Proof Market

A decentralized marketplace designed to expand the reach of zk technology and fast-track its adoption.

Driving proof generation value

Operating as a traditional commodity marketplace, Proof Market offers distinct advantages for each market participant.

A shortcut for developers to establish a stable zkProof generation pipeline

Direct proof ordering for Ethereum applications
Accessible proof generation, outsourced and decentralized
Cost and time-effective proof generation process

Empowering proof generators with transparent market data

More orders from multiple requesters
Opportunity to strike a balance between workload and earnings.
Market insights to optimize hardware profitability per order

zkProof advantages for the industry


Ethereum (and similar L1s) scalability is a critical challenge. zkProofs enable L2 solutions to verify computations, reducing costs and enhancing protocol throughput.



zkBridging secures cross-protocol transactions, preventing costly fraud. This improved transparency reduces corruption risks and encourages trustless fund exchange.


zkProofs can validate digital statements while safeguarding undisclosed information. Sharing data selectively, this technology ensures private interactions in various sensitive situations.

Full cycle solution for creating zk-enabled Ethereum apps

zkLLVM circuit compiler helps to define proof statements with less effort, reducing implementation time and enhancing your Proof Market experience.

High-quality circuits without the need to learn custom DSLS
Seamless integration with Proof Market for a smooth proof generation process
Direct circuit compilation from C++, Rust, or other mainstream languages

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About us

=nil; Foundation is a leading developer of zero-knowledge infrastructure and Ethereum scalability solutions.